Moving your Small or Medium business SAP workload to the cloud can help you save costs by utilizing salable on demand infrastructure. Simple upgrade path with additional integration with Google Cloud BI capabilities

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What is SAP on Google Cloud?

This service utilizes Google Cloud infrastructure to build greenfield ( fresh implementation ) of SAP environment or migrate existing SAP workloads from on-premises or other cloud providers to Google Cloud

Benefits of Google Cloud :

  • SAP customers need to upgrade hardware to meet the new HANA demand of high memory VMs by 2025. Google Cloud offers up to 12TB or RAM VMs with 35% cheaper than than on prim solutions

  • Pay as you go: Only pay for what you need, scale VMS with additional RAM on demand as your database grows or shrinks over the years

  • Pay per second of consumption , Compute(vCPU), RAM and Operating System Licences

  • Flexible payment for non production workload. when development or testing VM is off there is no cost

  • Custom machines option saves $$ on year over year resources growth

  • Google Cloud up time SLA is 99.999%

  • Streamlined incremental snapshot solution, only pay for the difference of data-backups, not the the full storage

Benefits of Cloudypedia Services :

  • Google Cloud Infrastructure specialization partner

  • Dozens of successfully SAP on GCP implementations since 2009

  • Dedicated SAP Consulting team

  • Unique methodology for SAP workload optimization on GCP

  • Certified SAP basis consultants in house

On prim vs Google Cloud hosting for SAP for SMBs

Main differentiation between traditional on prim or co-location hosting for SAP and Google Cloud

SAP on GCP Project Process

Adopting Cloud is done in weeks, not years

Strategy, Business Case and Planning

Project starts with Discovery of your current environment: (for free assessment click here)

SAP on GCP Adoption strategy :

    • Since the Cloud does not require 3 or 5 years capacity planning, the adoption plan helps understand the requirement and high level timeline :

    • SAP Landscape for current and future phases.

    • SAP consultant is consulted through the process. If customer has no SAP partner, Cloudypedia can provide the SAP for SMB Consultant

    • Optimize landscape for the Google Cloud Platform

Identify target SAP apps, size and price:

    • Based on the the adoption strategy, an estimate is created for the different phases.

Define use cases and prototypes

    • Define the additional Google cloud integration pints such as BigQuery and G Suite if needed

Finalize Architecture Blueprint

    • The outcome of the strategy and planning phase is a detailed architecture diagram along with project plan for the short, mid and long term project phases.

    • SAP Partner/consultant is consulted through the process. If customer has no SAP partner, Cloudypedia can provide the SAP for SMB Consultant


Once the business case, VMs discovery and Foundation for GCP project is setup actual data and VMs migration kicks off:

Define Sequence of migration

    • Automated Process: Using tools to do environment discovery such as CloudPhyscis . Useful for 10+ servers discovery. Also shows an accurate cost comparison for the servers on GCP and other cloud providers

    • Manual process : We fill in a discovery with the current environment details such as VMs Sizes, Operating Systems, Data size and plan accordingly


    • If required, spinning up an SAP environment on GCP and testing it out to verify technical and business requirements.


Utilizing one or more of the following four migration process:

      • Velostrata (if customer has VMware, AWS, Azure)

      • Sureline Migration tool

      • Native replication services of SAP

      • System export, System import

Roll out

    • SAP Consultant to reconfigure, test and confirm

    • Phased roll-out if needed

    • System Admin GCP training

The Value of SAP on Google Cloud

A Quick overview on the value of SAP on GCP

Deploying SAP on GCP

Customer Story


Nacita is a leading agency in the trading and servicing of automotive products and in providing logistics services.

"The (SAP on GCP) pilots, migration planning and careful contingency rollback designed by Cloudypedia gave us the confidence to be live on GCP within 3 weeks with our full production system"

Edward Shenoud, IT Manager, NACITA

Case Study

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