Data and AI modernization

End to end Data solutions for SMBs.

Ingest - store - transform - visualize - predict

Google Cloud Data Ingestion, Data Storag Data warehouse and Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Science and more

Google Cloud Data Platform covers the entire data pipeline spectrum with easy to use tools

Google Cloud tools supports businesses across the full data journey.

The solution enables SMBs at every stage: collect data with ease, transform it with powerful clean-up tools, run analyses in seconds without server setup, visualize it with beautiful dashboards, and activate insights to drive better results.

This means SMBs can manage thier data lifecycle seamlessly, avoiding the need to cobble together a bunch of different products.

Data Warehouse, Analytics and BI Modernization

SMBs data are growing more than ever, so many data sources including different apps and vendors for CRM, ERP, telephony, and HR. Cloudypedia connects all these data into a single source of truth that is easy .

Helping SMBs get the full potential of their data by utilizing Google's easy to use and quite often no code AI and ML tools.

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