Application Development Solution

Helping SMBs build, run & operate applications on top of GCP that are secure, salable and cost effective

What is Google Cloud Platform Application Development Services?

Cloudypedia Application Development team builds your software whether it is a web application or a mobile application utilizing Google Cloud tools and technologies

Application Development Challenges for SMBs

Despite the great emergence of development technologies, platforms and tools, application development is becoming even more challenging when it comes to quality, change and scope management, budget and timeline control.

Vendors still fall short to deliver the full package:

  • Right technical solution & architecture
  • Security and compliance
  • Satisfying user experience
  • High quality
  • Controlled budget
  • Predictable timeline
  • Managed scope
  • Satisfying business and operational constraints
  • Supporting future needs of scalability, availability and durability

Eventually customer expectations are hardly met resulting in a waste of time, money and effort, in addition to jeopardizing development plans introducing more risk to the business.

Cloudypedia invested years of effort and expertise to create a - battle tested - Agile approach that provides you complete package

The solution to SMBs Application Development services

Cloudypedia unique formula for an Agile approach:

  1. Relative point estimation:
    • If login feature is 1 point, how large the sorting or filtering features would be?
    • Consider time, complexity & uncertainty
    • Mind historical capacity & reference projects
  2. Cross-functional team (formed from customer and Cloudypedia team members)
  3. Full engagement of the entire team and stakeholders in all stages
  4. DoD (definition of done) is not about delivering code; business & technical constraints/criteria are considered
  5. Very well tracked work items and progress
  6. Full transparency with access to all projects assets, artifacts and progress reports
  7. Leveraging technical and operational best practices (CI/CD, code review & analysis, continuous refactoring, clear smooth procedures and estimation mechanism for CRs (change requests)) for increased efficiency and eliminated waste
  8. Maintaining assets and vital internal tasks (review, refactoring, documentation + customer final acceptance) are part of our DoD

The benefits for Cloudypedia's Google Cloud Application development services

Cloudypedia approach (4x4) helps overcoming 4 common challenges and achieving 4 certain objectives throughout the development life-cycle:

Addressed challenges:

  1. Estimation mechanism that really works - avoid putting risk of bad estimation or unpredictability at customer side
  2. Full and continuous alignment regarding requirements and scope - what we really want to achieve
  3. Clear, satisfactory and measurable DoD (Definition of Done) - how we judge it’s really achieved
  4. Well crafted and maintained artifacts - quality and changeability of deliverable

Achieved Objectives:

  1. Stay open - and capable - for change
  2. Earliest discovery of potential technical, scope or budgetary issues with enough maneuverability to efficiently correct deviations if any
  3. Flexibility to deliver first things first
  4. Eventually deliver the right thing - fulfilling requirements (business & technical) and meeting expectations of UX, timeline and budget

How Cloudypedia team can help accelerate your Development project?

Cloudypedia is equipped with highly qualified field experts all officially certified in GCP. Our experts possess highly diversified skill sets in the latest technologies.

Cloudypedia internal policy mandates that all teams must work at the edge of the technology at all times and according to the industry best practices, making us ready to go way further than just app dev and enable you in many different areas such as:

  • Hands on support for all DevOps activities on GCP
  • Process maturity and Agile coaching
  • Technical consultancy for development and application modernization on GCP applying best practices of design, architecture, configuration, performance, cost optimization, security & compliance.
  • Technical consultancy for software quality assurance and test automation best practices on different platforms

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