GKE Services

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What is Google Kubernetes Engine Consulting Services?

Cloudypedia DevOps team help setup your application development environment to utilize Kubernetes infrastructure.

Weather you are starting from scratch with a new development project or have a existing application we can help you transom your code with docker, and Kubernetes orchestration on Google Cloud Platform

Benefits of Google K8s Engine

  • Leadership: Google started Developing Kubernetes in 2005 and released it to Open Source in 2014. GKE is a manged Kubernetes services from the developers of Kuberneties ( Google)

  • Cost Effectiveness: Flexible compute options including discounted and customizable VMs(Nodes)

  • Complete Solution for K8s: well-rounded Kubernetes offering, covering Networking, Storage, developments tools and more

  • Security: Provide common best practices by default with available needed tuning. Integrates with IAM, Audit logging and more

Benefits of Cloudypedia Services

  • Google Cloud Application Development & Infrastructure Specialized partner

  • End to end GKE service including white glove services

  • Team of Certified Google Cloud Engineers, App Dev and Architects

  • Kubernties Certified engineers

GKE Services

An array of specialized services packages to meet you where you are, whether by evaluating to GKE, running on GKE and need extra consultancy or ruining kubernetes at different provider and want to immigrate to GKE , we can help!

Starting from scratch

Already have an application development and want to jump start into GKE

Accelerate time to value

Jump-start your GKE project with hands on service to design, setup and implement your GEK environment. Afterwards we accelerate your business operations by on boarding your developers with trailed training to operate your environment :

Steps taken:

  • Kuberntes/ Application Design

  • Containerization on docker containers (optional)

  • GKE Implementation: Setup of; GCP environment, GKE cluster and the network services

  • DevOps Setup: (Continuous Delivery and integration (CI/CD) for GKE

  • Infrastructure as a code delivery : Utilizing Google Cloud build or transformer

  • Monitoring and logging setup : Utilizing Stack driver

  • Developers Training and on boarding

Already on Google Kubernetes Engine

Already using Google Kuberentes Engine and looking for production readiness consulting

GKE Audit Services

Already utilizing GKE and looking for auditing service to ensure that security, scalability and cost effectiveness are in place. This service is a series of 3+ workshops to audit your environment and share actionable insights about your setup

    • Security: Audit of your Google Cloud Platform and Kuberntes security Setup

    • Scalability: Auditing "pod" configuration and ensuring scalability and elasticity configuration is in place

    • Billing and utilization : Auditing the cost optimization and billing setup of the GKE cluster and GCP in general to ensure

    • CI/CD setup: Auditing the development workflow to ensure production success

    • Best practice: incorporating Google's site reliability methodologies to ensure production readiness

Get started with Google Kuberentes Engine today:

Drop us a line at gke@cloudypedia.com and let's start the conversation

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