Google Workspace Quickstart

An accelerated deployment

SMB QuickStart is an accelerated, white glove deployment service for small to medium sized Google Cloud Google Workspace projects. This service provides deployment support for customers to address their technical and change management needs in order to guide a successful transition to Google Workspace. Cloudypedia employs a “Plan, Deploy, Transform” methodology to ensure businesses have a successful transition, as well as realize solutions that will help them transform their business.


A dedicated deployment adviser will guide the customer through the 3 phases of deployment (Plan, Deploy, Transform) over a 2-4 week period.

Module 1: Planning Session

The deployment adviser will work with the customer to help devise a customized strategy for deploying Google Workspace to their organization.

Module 2: Deployment Guidance

Provide guided support for Domain Verification, Mail Routing, Data Migration, User Creation, and Interoperability.

Module 3:Transformation

Review with customer solutions leveraging Google Workspace products (i.e. Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Hangouts, sites, mobile etc..) tailored to transform customer’s business.

Module 4: Long Term Support

Cloudypedia will provide customer with instructions on contacting Cloudypedia and Google Support for any ongoing needs.



  • 2-3 week engagement

  • Upfront planning session immediately following domain activation

  • Quickstarts is offered in the following regions / languages:

    • English - German - Turkish - Hindi - Arabic

    • Canada - North Africa - Turkey - Arabian Gulf- DACH

Deployment guidance in each of the following areas:

    • User Creation - Evaluation and recommendation for the optimal tool to create new users based on the customer's needs (i.e. GADs, CSV upload, etc)

    • Mail Routing - Evaluation and recommendation for the optimal mail routing setup

    • Data Migration - Evaluation and recommendation of the optimal migration tools AND setup of those tools from a variety of platforms into Google Workspace (agents may recommend 3rd party tools such as CloudMigrator, Backupify, ShuttleCloud, etc)

    • Interoperability - Evaluation and recommendation of the optimal configuration for Google Workspace to “co-exist” with existing customer assets and IT tools (ex: Office digital sender, 3rd party CRM tool, etc)


  • A dedicated session covering optimization - 123 agents will offer 3 business use cases to the customer in order to enhance their adoption of the full Google Workspace of products.

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