Security Services for Google Cloud

Ensuring SMBs Cloud tools and configurations are secure and up to the compliance standards.

What is Cloud Compliance Services for SMBs?

As Small and Medium Businesses are taking advantages of the cloud technologies, it is also important to ensure data and workloads are secure, and compliant. Even though Google Cloud is a secure, and complaint cloud provider, there is a shared responsibility for customers to insure configurations are also meeting the requirements. Cloudypedia team takes care of the Google Cloud configurations and best practices to stay secure, complaint and regulated

Benefits of Google Cloud

  • A complaint Cloud Provider
  • 0 incidents history when utilizing Google Cloud End to End
  • Full time security engineers looking after Google Cloud
  • Dedicated team (Threat Analysis Group) to protect Google Cloud customers
  • AI powered security and threat detection tools

Benefits of Cloudypedia

  • Deep understanding of Google Cloud tools and configurations for GCP, G Suite and Chrome
  • Proactive Google Cloud Audit, configuration and monitoring services
  • IT and cloud security certified engineers in house
  • SMBs focused approach to security and compliance

Supported compliance and Regulation Acts:

Each of the compliance and the acts has a specific configuration best practices on Google Cloud. Cloudypedia team can support you for the below acts:

The United States

    • HIPAA :The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
    • COPPA : Children's Online Privacy Protection Act
    • CCPA: California Consumer Privacy Act
    • FERPA : The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
    • MPAA: The Motion Picture Association of America


    • PIPEDA: The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act
    • PHIPA: Personal Health Information Protection Act (For Ontario)


    • GDPR : General Data Protection Regulation

New project? Consultation and Design with security and Compliance in mind

Cloudypedia security services already embedded with all projects managed or designed by Cloudypedia. For projects that are not managed by the team we are happy to offer consultation and technical infrastructure designing services to ensure your workloads will be secure and complaint on Google Cloud.

The architecture and environment design takes in consideration the customer's industry and location.

Already on Google Cloud?

Audit your environment for Security and Compliance

Google Cloud environment has 200+ tools. 100% of them are secure by design, but not all comply with the different regulations.

Also as a part of the shared responsibility model, the configurations on Google Cloud are customer's responsibility.

Cloudypedia's security audit services reports what is complaint, what is not and recommends improvements.

For questions about cloud security services please email: