MVP Services

Build your MVP now - with our experts and get insights into the market and minimize your cost

Have your MVP developed on Google Cloud Platform

Cloudypedia is a Canadian based application development, Google Cloud specialized partner. We follow a unique process to deliver an MVP (Minimum Viable Product ) that is properly designed for maximum return on investment. We Help startups and entrepreneurship programs make their business ideas into reality for first customer's testing

The MVP Process

From discovery to implementation we collaborate with you to build a successful MVP

Step 1


We start with getting to know your idea and what you are solving for to have a better understanding of what will be required in terms of functionality and users' experience.

In this stage we offer workshops to help you define the business and technical aspects of your platform

Step 2


After the discovery phase your team of experts put together an initial design (back-end/front-end). This includes all required architecture, design elements and time frame. We keep you aligned through the process to have a well structured design that you are satisfied with

Step 3


After agreeing on the drafted design we work accordingly on getting your MVP up and running. Our team will work on bi-weekly sprints and communicate with you to keep you updated on the project. The outcome of this phase is a well-developed MVP designed to meet your business and technical requirements

Step 4


Testing and validating your application in the most cost effective way to ensure it's functionality and apply any needed modification or changes. we follow the best practices for testing having in mind the end users experience.

Why develop with Cloudypedia

Cloudypedia is an application development specialized partner from Google, which means :

  • Getting the best Technical consultancy for software quality assurance and test automation best practices on different platforms.

  • Having your Software tested (manual, automated, Coded-UI, functional and non-functional)

  • We are your success partner, with your input in every step of the way.

  • We follow a scientific process, committing to highest quality standards and timeline.

  • Applying the best practices of design, architecture, configuration, performance, cost optimization, security & compliance.

  • Cost invocation: Pay per feature, not per hour

  • We deliver a working application, a well organized and documented code and 2 years guarantee

Cloudypedia is equipped with highly qualified field experts all officially certified in GCP. Our experts possess highly diversified skill sets in the latest technologies;

  • Web applications development

  • Mobile apps development (native (Android, iOS, UWP), PWA (Progressive Web App), and cross-platform)

  • SQL and NoSQL databases

  • AI/ML and Big Data Analytics

  • Cloud native, hosted, on-prem or hybrid - we are experts in GCP with very good understanding and hands-on in Azure and AWS

  • Python, Java, Angular, Node.js, .Net, PHP, Wordpress

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