Google Cloud for IoT, BigData & ML

Google Cloud's End to End Equipment Monitoring, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Enabled Proactive Maintenance

Utilizing Google Cloud IoT Core and BigData Solutions to Ingest and analyze real-time sensor data from sensors and SCADA systems and train custom machine learning models to get insights, increase equipment's life time, and ROI.

By taking advantage of Google Cloud, you can schedule planned maintenance instead of resorting to expensive and inefficient emergency repairs that destabilize the entire system.

Bonus: Get real time dashboard of your sensors and SCADA data

cloudypedia video 2.avi

Google Cloud IoT, BigData solution and visualization enables a scalable real time dashboard for your equipments or energy sensors

An example of an oil rig sensors dashboard.

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Move from React and Prepare to Predict and Prevent

Cloudypedia's GCP Certified team will guide your team through 4 clear steps:

Your equipment are talking, are you listening?

Data set required for Google ML based predictive maintenance

Monitor equipment health in real time to analyze and predict impending equipment failure

End to end solution architecture

IoT and Bigdata solutions for your industry - if your equipment has sensors, we help you make use of it.


Manage and monitor globally dispersed devices as a single system in real time to improve operational efficiency. Do maintenance proactively (and in some cases, automatically), and reduce repair costs by capturing real-time device status prior to deploying staff and resources.


Collect and understand consumer usage patterns based on time, date, and location in order to more efficiently balance and optimize load. Schedule equipment and firmware upgrades or proactive maintenance in ways that minimize impact on operations.

Smart transportation

Get the data you need to intelligently manage transportation and logistics networks to ensure that vehicles and vessels are in the right place at the right time. Collect and store telemetry that can help you rethink how vehicles are maintained.

Oil and Gas

Perform predictive maintenance of resources and machinery on production sites. Understand how components interact in order to design more efficient and durable systems.

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