G Suite Services

A suite of applications designed for the enterprise that help organizations achieve digital transformation. Since 2007, used by 7 Million business, from a 10 users startup to fortune 500, across all industries, from media, retail, Manufacturing to banks and governments. There is no other solution in the market that can beat Google's G Suite.

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We help your organization to move & grow with G Suite

Cloudypedia is a GSuite services firm, focusing on moving companies to G Suite, a small 10 employees company, medium 500 employees manufacturer or a big 12,000 employees bank. We help organizations with people, process and technology streams, allowing an even higher move to ROI.

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G Suite Deployment Services

For Quick >3 weeks deployment 

Fast Track is an accelerated, white glove deployment service for small to medium sized Google Cloud G Suite projects. This service provides deployment support for customers to address their technical and change management needs in order to guide a successful transition to G Suite. Cloudypedia employs a “Plan, Deploy, Transform” methodology to ensure businesses have a successful transition, as well as realize solutions that will help them transform their business. More

A proven 4 streams, "n" phased deployment methodology.

A proven deployment methodology covering project management, technical, change management and support activities. This starts with a Deployment Planning Workshop to create a Statement of Work (SOW) and to begin populating a Detailed Design Document with requirements and decisions. The SOW and Detailed Design Document will act as the foundation for creating the project plan and driving content for a project kickoff later. More

Customer Success Services

G Suite Security Management

Security Assessment and Implementation

Our G Suite engineers will help you optimize, prepare, and monitor the security of your G Suite domain to reduce security risk and mitigate security threats. More

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Cloudypedia Identity & Access Management .pdf

Identity and Access Management

Assisting your team to leverage Google's Identity Service to act as their gateway to the Cloud, by extending users' identities beyond the firewall. This includes developing a robust Cloud Identity model and understanding how their existing information can be federated to the Cloud. More

Managed G Suite Services

Premium Account Managment

Assisting your teams in getting the full value of your investment in Google products. We will help your organization maintain focus on empowering IT, driving adoption, and fostering innovation long after you have initially launched into G Suite.

Cloudypedoa Premium Account Management.pdf

Enhanced Technical Support

A customized, non-transactional support tailored to your organization that require expedient and customized answers for issues and bugs on the tool.

This framework focuses on 4 main support offerings:

  1. Customer Support: A customized, transactional support tailored to customers that require expedient and personalized answers for issues and bugs.
  2. Domain Management Support: Outsourcing management for their domain(s) allowing customers to focus on their core business while providing more responsibility and autonomy to the partner.
  3. Support Consultancy: Assessment of how your help desk works and make the changes needed to align it with Google and your support team.
  4. Support Training: Offering your organization all knowledge about how to manage Tier 1 tickets and advanced domain management.
-Enhanced Technical Support .pdf

Transformation Services

The Transformation Starter Pack offering is an allotment of hours that are used to:

  • Understand the customer’s business goals or key challenges
  • Prepare and run a half day Transformation Lab to help:
  1. Inspire a customer and users to take action.
  2. Uncover business processes and areas that will derive the most impact from transforming.
  3. Rapidly prototype and build quick, easy to implement solutions.
  4. Create a project plan and track a pipeline of future projects and solutions.
  5. Execute on some of the easier, high impact projects.
cloudypediaTransformation Starter Pack .pdf

Ongoing Change Management

Productivity Training

Assisting your organization to start using GSuite to work more productively and collaboratively.

Depending on users' needs, we can start with mail & calendar training, or walk through how to start working with Drive and the Google Editors. There is also a mail & calendar variation for administrative assistants.

Productivity Training Marketing .pdf

Legacy IT Modernization

Rationalize Productivity Suite Costs

Many of our clients realize that after switching to G Suite they are in a position to consolidate and simplify their office productivity suite by removing redundant legacy tools. This offering will help to assess, plan and execute a well-managed transition for impacted users from MS Office to G Suite.

Rationalize Productivity Suite Costs .pdf

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