Infrastructure Modernization

With Google Cloud Platform

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This service utilizes Google Cloud infrastructure to build greenfield ( fresh implementation ) of SAP environment or migrate existing SAP workloads from on premises or other cloud provider to Google Cloud. Learn more

Replicate environment as is (or with some improvement ) from co-location or other cloud vendors to Google Cloud. Learn more

It is a service where you can move your VMware workloads to Google Cloud platform as is, no refactoring or rewriting is needed. Learn more

Cloudypedia DevOps team help setup your application development environment to utilize Kubernetes infrastructure. Learn more

Cloudypedia, Your SMB Cloud Journey Partner

Starting, Planning, Moving or Optimizing. Cloudypedia professional services methodology can help.


Securely run your business on the most advanced cloud platform ever built. Powerful data and analytics solutions and machine learning deliver real-time insights for more informed, more effective decisions.

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Cloudypedia's GCP Services Methodology

Since 2009, Cloudypedia has been at the forefront of Google Cloud services. We have developed a methodology to help you along your Cloud journey, From Assessment, Planning, Migrating, Training, Running and Optimizing your systems and application for the cloud. Contact us today to learn more.

Cloud Assessment Services

Moving to Cloud could mean simple moving VMs and connecting your corporate network to Google's through VPN, or could mean building the next 100 Million users App on App Engine and BigQuery. In All cases, our consultants help you assess Google Cloud Technology, TCO and compliance assessment.

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Cloud Foundation Services

Kick-off your new Google Cloud Platform project with a focus on your foundational architecture, technical design, long term operations and migration planning for your workloads.

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Solutions for enterprises challenges based on GCP.

Backup and Archive

Be it high definition images and 4K-and-higher video are causing an explosion in storage and bandwidth requirements or, we can help you utilize GCP storage media cheaply and indefinitely,

  • Desktop: Backup files and folders for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

  • Server: Backup files and folders and restore in the cloud, Hyper-V or VMware. For Windows server.

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Disaster Recovery

When it comes to disaster recovery, there's no silver bullet— that is, no single recovery plan can cover all use cases. Cloudypedia's Cloud architects will work with you to design and implement a sound DR on Google Cloud Platform.

  • Near-zero RPO & RTO

  • Any to Any: physical, virtual, hybrid, AWS or Azure,

  • Support: SAP S/4 HANA, SAP ERP, SAP CRM Hana, MS Exchange, MS Sharepoint, MS SQL, MS Dynamics, MY SQL, MongoDB, Linux and others.

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GCP is highly competitive with Microsoft based applications and most GCP migrations are Windows based

Microsoft Servers running on Google Cloud Platform by Cloudypedia

How to run Windows on GCP?

  • GCP has license mobility certification for most Microsoft server applications.

  • You must have a current Software Assurance Agreement to be eligible for license mobility.

  • Most Microsoft server applications are covered, except for Windows. Windows must be purchased as part of your VM consumption (this is similar to other cloud service providers).

  • Google provides machine images for Windows 2008 R2 Datacenter Edition and Windows 2012 R2 Datacenter Edition as well as Windows 2016 .

  • Other eligible Microsoft software are installed manually.

  • Active Directory can be deployed onto GCP, or remote connectivity through Cloud VPN or Cloud Interconnect can be established.

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Google Cloud Platform certified to run SAP HANA

You can now run your mission-critical business applications leveraging our highly scalable and secure global infrastructure. Working with SAP, we are certifying a range of business configurations for the full suite of SAP HANA products.

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SAP Running on Google Compute Engine and Cloud Platform by Cloudypedia

On-demand infrastructure for SAP HANA using a bring-your-own-software and bring-your-own-license model for SAP HANA

  • Native HANA applications

  • Native Data marts/analytics /big data

  • Scale-up up to 12 TP

Gain hands-on experience building and deploying applications in the cloud that use up to 32 GB of SAP HANA memory for free

  • Native HANA applications

  • Native Data marts/analytics/big data

  • SAP HANA, express edition software: no license fee for use up to 32 GB

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