Nacita SAP ERP on Google Cloud Compute

Nacita is a leading agency in the trading and servicing of automotive products and in providing logistics services in the Egyptian market.

The Challenge

Nacita’s SAP system is critical to its operations and business success. The first implementation ran the SAP workloads in a local Datacenter Services Provider in Egypt. This caused many challenges with performance issues, quota limitations, constraints with managing and operating the infrastructure as they had limited access and everything had to be done manually through the provider support team.

The Solution

Cloudypedia designed and deployed a pilot SAP environment on Google Compute Engine using certified Virtual Machines, and after testing the migration and operation made a thorough rollout plan with contingency rollback to migrate the production system

Cloudypedia deployed SAP certified VMs on Compute Engine with a complete configuration plan for IAM, Network service tiers and Backup policies on GCP.

The Results

Both the IT and Business stakeholders were amazed by the results, performance was 30% better, They had full control over networking and resources and all the security concerns they had with their current implementation were remediated.

"With the SAP implementation by Cloudypedia on Google Cloud Platform, we were able to improve performance by 30% and reduce cost by 25% from our current local provider with 75% improvement in backup and restore times. The pilots, migration planning and careful contingency rollback designed by Cloudypedia gave us the confidence to be live on GCP within 3 weeks with our full production system"

Edward Shenouda, IT Manager, NACITA