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SMBs Working from Home?

The definitive Google Cloud Guide

As life has changed dramatically in the past few weeks, plans on business and personal levels are also changing by the minute. Traditional conventional ways of communicating are now a risk to lives, but humanity continuously finds ways to grow and evolve.

As many people are trying to deal with occurring changes and the daily challenges, we got you covered to facilitate and ease this period for our customers, communities, and employees. We are here to guide you through this transition and keep businesses running from home without it being affected

In North America roughly 60 Million people work for small businesses .

As an IT community we need to get together to help small businesses run from home. We believe it’s our mandate as IT professionals to help. It is not an easy task. Here are some tools and services to take advantage of.:

Please share these resources with small businesses around you to help them keep going.

Working from Home guide

While measures are taken globally to keep individuals safe, work activities need to move online. Here is a guide to some of the cost-effective and secure products powered by Google Cloud that will help you with the transformation:

Desktops & Apps Anywhere: itopia

Enables you to access sensitive corporate data and rapidly deploy Windows remote desktops & apps to any device, anywhere on Google Cloud. itopia and Google Cloud are prioritizing the deployment of remote working environments within 24 hours to help you get up and running -- securely -- as fast as possible.

Cost effective and secure Laptops: Google Chromebook:

If you are limited on devices to allocate for working from home, Google Chromebooks are your go-to devices. These devices are lightweight, compact, easy and safe to use, which make it ideal for working from home. And if you need windows for Photoshop or legacy accounting software, no problem, itopia will run windows on it.

File Sharing: Google Drive

nables you to work easier and better through tools like Docs, Sheets, and Slides. It is accessible from anywhere, you can edit offline, real-time collaboration with team members, and it works in any file type including Microsoft Office.

Video Conferencing : Hangouts meet

Supports online meetings with up to 250 participants per call (an upgrade to meet current situation demands). Including chats, video recording and live streaming up to 100,000 viewers. Have no internet connection? It’s OK you can dial into a local number, or dial out to invite people in.

Telephony: Google Voice

Enables you to make and receive calls using the same number from any device. Integrates with Hangouts and Calendar. Record, take messages, and forward calls. Company phone numbers can also be ported including IVR and all. Your sales, accounting, support and other departments will have the same numbers while keeping control and compliance in mind.

Server Security: Client VPN Open VPN

Enables you to set up both remote access for users and site to site networking in a single instance. You can provide your employees with access to your current network from anywhere.

Desktop and Server Backup: MSP360 for Google Cloud

Enables you to backup for Windows. Assists technical support to help your employees working remotely by managing and moving files across your on-site and cloud storage.

Automation: DialogFlow

Includes Voice and Chatbots. For 20+ languages Excellent for quick FAQ to offload your support call center.

How much does it cost to get your employees work from home?

This is an example for 10 employees of a small business. ( You can do the math starting from 3 employees)

You can mix and match, but these are the most common tools needed to get a small business up and running from home as efficiently as possible.

Total 550$/month for 10 users to work at home. No long term contracts. Some of the tools even have up to June free offers to help with the situation.

Cloudypedia Service Offering:

Under the current circumstances, Cloudypedia has waived all service fees to get you up and running and support your employees if needed:

Consultancy and assessment session: 1 hour workshop

Setup and migration

9:00 to 5:00 end-user support during the lockdown

24/7 Admin support during the lockdown

End-users 2 hours online training

To get started please fill in this form or reach out to

Stay Connected:

Keep in mind that we are all applying new updates to adjust to the challenging situations as they emerge. Keep yourself updated, connected, and safely distancing.