Media Solutions

By Google Cloud Platform

Pipeline services for end-to-end workflow


Offline media import/export

Enables customers to have large volumes of data shipped to partners who upload data on their behalf.

Rendering for small to medium-sized studios

ZYNC Cost Calculator Here

ZYNC Rendering

A Turn-key solution for small to mid-size studios rendering need.

  • Cloud-Native Rendering
  • Integrate with your existing rendering workflow (using plugins)
  • Support for the most popular software and renderers
  • Plug & play deployment to Google Cloud Platform
Zync Overview in Maya.mp4

Virtual Studio Solution: Media rendering architecture

Virtual Studio - one pager _ Marketing _ Virtual Studio _ Y19.pdf

Access Clients to enable endpoint access such as keyboard, mouse, pen ..etc

Cloud Rendering Architecture

Current NVIDIA HW on GCP

Rendering for large studios - A hybrid approach

Protect investments you’ve made in your on-prem render farm by running burst and sustained rendering jobs on Google Cloud Platform when your project needs it most.

  • Hybrid Rendering
  • Cloud Bursting
  • Cloud NAS
  • Google Cloud Storage Gateway
Avere for Cloud File Storage.mp4

Media Archiving

Modernize Archive with Google Nearline Storage

Switch from tape to Google Cloud Storage. Calculate ROI

GCP Cost Calculator- Real Cost of Tape & Infrastructure.xlsx

Assets Management and Collaboration

File Sharing

Want an easy way to securely store and access your digital assets? Save work files and folders in Drive or shared drives and share them instantly with external ad agencies and vendors. When someone incorporates feedback and approvals, Drive shows you what files have changed. Even better, you and your clients can securely access the latest files remotely on any device.