Sayegh Group Digital Transformation

Sayegh Group, is a leading industrial conglomerate in the production and export of paints, it owns fourteen paint and three resin plants worldwide

The Challenge

Sayegh Groups legacy on premise email system was outdated and burdensome.Backup was unreliable and cut into system uptime. Spam protection was costly yet still did not stop frequent spam influxes. And storage was becoming a problem with the need to retain and search large numbers of emails and documents. Employees were in silos with no cross company collaboration platform.

The Solution

Cloudypedia deployed G Suite and fully migrated the legacy data of over 1200 users then implemented the four phase customer success methodology to enable full digital transformation of Sayegh

Cloudypedia closely followed the G Suite deployment methodology and provided Customer Success Services for productivity training, Mobility assessment and implementation, and Business Transformation Labs

The Results

All of Sayegh Group's employees were migrated to G Suite boosting productivity through reliable email access, shared drives and full mobile access. Spam and phishing incidents were all reduced and properly monitored by the administrators. More than 50% reduction in IT operational cost and capital expenditures.

"The implementation of the G Suite deployment methodology by Cloudypedia enabled us to have a quick and smooth migration to G Suite. Furthermore the Business Transformation Labs and Productivity Trainings have maximized our ability as and organization to truly collaborate and impact the benefits of Digital Transformation on the business "

Doug Cleasby, Chief Information Officer, Sayegh Group