Istegelsin Digital Transformation

Istegelsin is a Turkish new generation online supermarket that provides an end-to-end supermarket experience.

The Challenge

With the market's highly competitive conditions and the fast-growth tendency of the organization were making it difficult to plan, manage and scale the infrastructure. Providing a healthy and secure environment for the employees, the fast data flow either within workplaces or between offices and the distribution centers and delivering this in a secure way was critical.

The Solution

Cloudypedia closely worked with İstegelsin technology leads to provide a modern secure and collaborative workplace. With the ease of use and management advantages of Gmail and the online collaboration tools, İstegelsin tech leads focused on transforming their business processes. Then started the integration of other solutions to manage various device types in one place and have automated backups.

The Results

By Gmail, İstegelsin got rid of spams and put very little effort to manage. Using web-based tools the time and resources spent on deployment, troubleshoot and support have been decreased significantly. The unlimited cloud storage, wide accessibility, seamless collaboration improved their effectiveness. By Chrome OS pushed needed apps and extensions easily where ever the users are located.

"Istegelsin technology relies on cloud solutions unlikely traditional competitors. Google Cloud strengthen us on the way we search for solutions to modern city life struggles so we did not focus on planning, scaling or managing but continuous improvement instead. "

Sinan Deniz, System & Network Director, İstegelsin