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Forrester Wave 2016

Take on enterprise file sync and share cloud providers

Taking a look at the key nine enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) cloud providers on the market today, the Forrester Wave(™): Enterprise File Sync And Share Platforms, Cloud Solutions, Q1 2016 report evaluated these providers on 40 criteria.Forrester then analyzed and scored each of the nine reviewed EFSS providers to give enterprise architects information about which cloud service would work best for typical enterprise’s file sharing and storage needs.

Of the nine vendors analyzed, Google Drive was ranked as a “Leader” and cited for its “solid EFSS services, especially for very large file use cases.” Where other EFSS providers have lower file-size limits, Forrester notes that Drive’s capabilities can handle even enormous video files in the hundreds of gigabytes. With the highest score possible in the technology strategy criterion, Google Drive’s “collaboration and content co-creation capabilities are strong, particularly when used in the context of G Suite."


Tap the Potential of Shadow IT

Give employees tools they love while keeping your company safe

IT and business leaders today are grappling with the ever-increasing use of personal devices and unauthorized apps at the office, often referred to as “Shadow IT.”

This rapidly emerging trend comes as a natural response to employees looking for ways to create and collaborate with the same ease, efficiency and freedom that they do in their everyday lives. While the rise of Shadow IT can pose numerous security risks to companies, it also offers unique opportunities for businesses to rethink their traditional tools and processes in ways that both support productivity and innovation while minimizing risk.

At Google, we believe companies should not have to choose between agility and security. This white paper examines the role of IT in the new landscape, offering insights from IT and businesses that have leveraged G Suite to empower employees with collaboration tools they know and love while providing robust security and controls that protect data.

Read this report to learn more.

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Trust in cloud technology and business performance

An Economist Intelligence Unit report

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), Trust in cloud technology and business performance: Reaping benefits from the cloud report, sponsored by Google explores links between cloud use, cloud trust and organisational performance. For this report, a 10-country, multi-industry EIU survey of 452 senior executives and interviews with experts assesses how far along organisations across the world are on the cloud progression and trust curve, to better understand the role of trust in the context of rapid cloud adoption.

Trust in cloud technology and business performance: Reaping benefits from the cloud can be read here.


The Value of Change Management

Discover how effective programs can result in a 120% positive ROI

What’s the one trait every business needs to stay competitive in today’s complex and fast-paced market? The ability to be light on its feet. At the heart of agility lies technology, but as technology itself rapidly innovates, organizations seeking the most up-to-date tools have to consider the change management process so that employees can adapt to, and benefit from new collaborative ways of working

Raconteur and Google Enterprise surveyed 300 C-suite leaders, from companies of all sizes across 11 countries, to find out how receptive organizations are to change, how they handle change management, and how effective those tactics have been so far. The participants represented companies from retail, media, manufacturing, professional and financial services, and pharmaceuticals.


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